Early Career Physicians

Are you ready to become an attending? Going from being a resident to an attending physician is a big transition that comes with many new responsibilities and problems to solve. Residencies focus on teaching residents to become competent physicians, but tend to neglect teaching residents how to navigate the business end of medicine. Part of being an attending physician is balancing how to market and utilize your clinical skills to make money for yourself and your prospective employer, while providing quality care for your patients.

Questions to ask:

What kind of job and work environment works do I thrive in? 
What promotion opportunities do I want available to me? 
What kind of lifestyle do I want? 
Do I want to teach/supervise residents and/or mid-level practitioners?
Is this contract good for me?
What do I have to do to get paid?
How do I get the most out of my new job?
How can I develop my practice to embody my philosophy of providing care? 

At Optimal Revenue and Balance, we can help you find your own answers to those questions. 

Services for Resident and Early Career Physicians include:

  • Provide a tailored contract review from a physician perspective with respect to client’s job and life goals

    • Educate on significance of contract clauses

    • Identify any potential issues for concern

    • Identify potential items for further negotiation

    • Educate on how contract terms will affect physician compensation, malpractice, work life balance, and medical decision making

    • Explore how to maximize physician revenue and work-life balance within the confines of the contract

  • Explore how to achieve desired career path and lifestyle

  • Explore maximizing revenue to pay off student loans vs. student loan debt forgiveness