Dr. XiXi Wong, MD

CEO, Chief Consultant

Dr. XiXi Wong, MD

Thank you for your interest in Optimal Revenue and Balance, Inc.

Since completing a combined Psychiatry and Family medicine residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, I have had the opportunity to work in many different states, levels of care, and work environments. This has allowed me to gain experience and insight into understanding physician contracts, contract negotiations, medical billing, medical business practices, and how to deal with medical administration. I currently maintain multiple simultaneous contracts, job roles, state medical licenses, and board certifications.

Over the course of my work travels, I discovered that many physicians I met are still dissatisfied with their work environment and work-life balance regardless of how many years of experience they have had as attending physicians. My career path has required me to come to terms with what is physician work-life balance. I have developed techniques to achieve my life goals and desired lifestyle, while maintaining independence in medical decision making and reducing physician burnout. Through this consulting firm, I hope to share what I have learned with other physicians to help build a financially and emotionally healthier physician community.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (2011)
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Combined Psychiatry-Family Medicine Residency (2016)

Work Experience
Psychiatric Hospitalist (inpatient, 2016-2017)
Psychiatry Partner (telepsychiatry, 2017-present)
Traveling Psychiatrist (inpatient and outpatient, 2017-2020)
Emergency Psychiatrist (psychiatric ED, 2018-present)
Private Practice (owner and provider, 2019-present)